‘Get nasty’: Philippe Reines looking for help blowing air horns at the White House to keep Trump awake

Hillary Clinton senior adviser Philippe Reines, not unlike a lot of conservatives, apparently wasn’t happy with President Trump’s joint presser with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland, and he’s really anxious to start a protest across from the White House … Read More

PROTEST FAIL! We can’t stop laughing at these ‘handmaids’ marching against GOP health care bill

This is happening in 2017! Two. Thousand. Seventeen. https://t.co/84lGvaaDna — BT (@back_ttys) June 27, 2017 Wow! How original! And poignant! It’s just too much! https://t.co/lzXzrmTGQk — Dodd (@Amuk3) June 27, 2017 We know we’re supposed to take these protesting “handmaids” … Read More