REALLY!? Lefty celebs’ ‘No Rifle Association’ aims to make NRA convention-goers ‘wish they stayed home’

A group of anti-NRA, pro-gun control celebs, including Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer, Alyssa Milano, Minnie Driver, Michael Moore, Debra Messing and others, have formed a new group aimed at taking down the gun rights organization: Celebs launch anti-NRA … Read More

OFFS: Anti-gunners waste NO TIME blaming the NRA for the YouTube shooting

The Left wasted absolutely NO time blaming the National Rifle Association for the active shooter incident at YouTube. Reports are still coming in about who the shooter is/was and what exactly took place. Can’t gun control advocates wait AT LEAST … Read More

Oh, geeze: #MarchForOurLives protestors take aim at the NRA with ‘clever’ signs

As the March For Our Lives rallies continue across the country, it’s hard not to notice one common theme: the National Rifle Association (NRA) seems to be protestors’ biggest enemy. Protestors have some rather choice words for the NRA, but there’s just … Read More