What a HERO! After shameful NBC performance, Pelosi informs John Conyers of his ‘consequences’

Nancy Pelosi again proved what an embarrassment Democrats are Sunday morning when she called accused sexual harasser John Conyers an “icon” while on NBC. The backlash against her shameful comments was immediate and intense. She then released the following statement … Read More

Oh no he DI’INT! Seth Meyers has SOME NERVE taking shots at Fox News for this

OMG, you guys. Did you catch Seth Meyers going after Fox News for Seth Meyers roasts Fox News for shamelessly “slobbering” over Trump https://t.co/UWTdPAekj1 pic.twitter.com/fsqoTDouvx — HuffPost (@HuffPost) October 27, 2017 Seth Meyers blames Fox News for inflating Trump’s ego … Read More

Sorry, WHAT? Bill Mitchell wants these media outlets’ ‘licenses evaluated’ (nice try, dude)

Why settle for the parody when you can have the real thing? Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Mitchell: Vanity Fair, WAPO, NYTimes, CNN, NBC – they all just make stuff up and report it as news. Yes, they should have their … Read More