‘They’re so dumb’! Did Nevada Dems violate their OWN rules with their newest mascot?

Well, this is awkward … Yesterday, Nevada Democrats introduced their new mascot: Nevada Democratic Party Chmn. William McCurdy introduces the party’s new 2018 mascot, Mitch McTurtle, a stand-in for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. pic.twitter.com/iH0QQh7wOp — Steve Sebelius (@SteveSebelius) January … Read More

America is awesome: Task forces from ALL OVER the U.S. deploy to Texas to assist with Harvey relief

Task forces from many states are being deployed to select parts of Texas to assist with the relief effort needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Joint #FDNY #NYPD USAR NY Task Force-1 deployed to assist those affected by Hurricane … Read More