“HOMOPHOBIC BULLSH*T”! NY Mag senior art critic SHREDDED for touting “great art” featuring Trump and Hannity [pics]

Jerry Saltz is the senior art critic at New York Magazine. He is also, it would seem, a rabid homophobe: Great art posted now in Canal Street subway station. Make something; put it in public; take its picture; post it. … Read More

‘WHERE TO BEGIN’? NY Mag exposes liberal media’s ‘diversity’ problem in one ‘STUPID’ headline

Just how committed are liberals to intellectual diversity? This committed: The Liberal Media Can Have Ideological Diversity Without Conservatives https://t.co/dz9Hj28cTB — Daily Intelligencer (@intelligencer) May 7, 2018 Wait … what? Uh… pic.twitter.com/6ZjfWsgsWQ — Neonta’veren (@neontaster) May 7, 2018 This can’t … Read More