‘Grow UP, dude’! Resistance ‘Ponzi Bros’ bring knives to a gunfight with Dana Loesch — and lose BADLY

Brian Krassenstein, along with his brother Ed, somehow made it to the forefront of the Resistance movement. Today, he’s using his platform to try to get a rise out of Dana Loesch: It’s being reported that the Mueller team likely … Read More

Oh, SNAP! Shannon Watts’ diss of Dana Loesch’s ‘experience’ on immigration blows up in her FACE

This morning, Dana Loesch appeared on Fox News, where she weighed in on progressives’ latest cause du jour, abolishing ICE: .@DLoesch: “That seems like an absolutely horrible idea to abolish ICE.” pic.twitter.com/HlqUn1VfLH — Fox News (@FoxNews) July 2, 2018 Shannon … Read More

Gird your #2A rights! Michael Bloomberg’s going to try and help Dems create a blue wave out of all this money

Last year, after Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia, Michael Bloomberg said that election proved something: Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg On Ossoff Loss: Shows Money ‘Can’t Buy An Election’ https://t.co/JuzFVwr1oV #GA06 #GA6 pic.twitter.com/lSDd4hxJF9 — The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June … Read More