‘How cool is THIS’? Mad Dog Mattis has a KICKASS message for Team USA goalie Maddie Rooney [pic]

Winning an Olympic gold medal is probably pretty great and all, but Team USA Women’s Hockey goalie Maddie Rooney has something her fellow gold medalists don’t. This: Wow, how cool is this. It is a great honor to jokingly hold … Read More

‘So DESPERATE’! ThinkProgress uses Olympics to take ‘bullsh*t’ swipe at Trump

ThinkProgress is doing their best to earn a spot on the podium at the Hot Take Olympics: If it were up to Trump, these U.S. Olympians wouldn’t have made history https://t.co/uyNzVgZ536 #Olympics pic.twitter.com/qlRAbqDGXW — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 14, 2018 Come … Read More