‘GO F*CK YOURSELVES’! NowThis vomits up ‘absolutely PATHETIC’ hit on Nikki Haley [video]

NowThis claims to be a news outlet covering “stories that move.” And speaking of movement, check out this steaming pile of B.S.: Nikki Haley literally begged other ambassadors to support her UN resolution on Gaza — and not one voted for … Read More

‘It is OUTRAGEOUS’! Nikki Haley drops the HAMMER on UN Security Council for failing to condemn Hamas [video]

Donald Trump really hit a home run when he named Nikki Haley U.N. Ambassador. For proof, look no further than Haley’s address today to the U.N. Security Council: RT @USUN: Yesterday, Hamas launched 70 rockets into Israel. Who among us … Read More

‘PURELY IDIOTIC’! Journo Damon Linker’s take on anti-Israel violence is ‘complete and utter GARBAGE’

Earlier this week, author and commentator Haroon Moghul expressed concerns that Zionism has led more Palestinian than Israeli deaths: Haroon Moghul: “A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still … Read More

NON MERCI! French President Macron can take his advice to Benjamin Netanyahu and SHOVE IT

Stand down, Israel! French President Emmanuel Macron says it’s time: BREAKING France’s Macron tells Netanyahu Palestinians have right to protest peacefully https://t.co/OWj1Ph9wEp pic.twitter.com/ELMZOVV9wq — The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) May 15, 2018 From the Jerusalem Post: French President Emmanuel Macron told … Read More

‘EMBARRASSING’! MSNBC reporter accidentally TORPEDOES media’s ‘unarmed protesters’ lies [video]

Pro tip for the mainstream media: If you’re gonna push an anti-Israel narrative, you’d better make damn sure you don’t torpedo your narrative immediately after you start pushing it. Looks like MSNBC’s Matt Bradley had to learn that lesson the … Read More

‘IMPOSSIBLE’! CNN gets EPICALLY BUSTED for their BULLSH*T ‘unarmed protesters’ narrative [video]

Wow. What a difference a few hours makes, huh, CNN? Another day of protests is expected at the Gaza border Tuesday as international condemnation poured in over Israel’s use of force against unarmed Palestinian protesters this week https://t.co/cZBkxx86HK — CNN … Read More

Oh, the HUMANITY! Actress Marina Sirtis takes GREAT offense to Nikki Haley defending Israel

Well, Nikki Haley might as well pack it in now. She’s disappointed the wrong people: Nikki Haley said “no country would act with more restraint than Israel has.” Well, it must have taken a lot of restraint to only tear … Read More