Jim Treacher reminds #NationalWalkoutDay marchers who they should REALLY be protesting

Students, teachers, and politicians (because of course) are taking to the streets for #NationalWalkoutDay today to honor the Parkland shooting victims push for gun control. But if they were actually interested in holding the guilty parties to account, they’d take … Read More

SICK: On #NationalWalkoutDay, Code Pink spits on graves of Parkland shooting heroes [photo]

As Twitchy told you, #NationalWalkoutDay has produced a dizzying array of protest signs that can most charitably be described as puzzling. But this one deserves special mention because of its multiple layers of nuttiness: clearly the JROTC is the problem, … Read More

‘Thanks for the nonexistent invite’! Guess which Parkland survivor hasn’t been asked to Harvard’s gun control discussion

Harvard will be hosting a discussion about guns, and has invited select Parkland shooting survivors to offer their thoughts: Harvard to host Parkland students for discussion on guns https://t.co/zXLToj3JA8 pic.twitter.com/hkoeDUATKU — The Hill (@thehill) March 12, 2018 Anti-NRA, pro gun … Read More

Just ONE problem with smug MSNBC producer’s ‘reminder’ for Trump about gun-free zones

Earlier today, Donald Trump tweeted about schools being gun-free zones: If schools are mandated to be gun free zones, violence and danger are given an open invitation to enter. Almost all school shootings are in gun free zones. Cowards will … Read More

‘Makes me SICK’! Kurt Eichenwald’s ‘advice’ to David Hogg et al. reveals gun grabbers’ TRUE intentions

Is our children learning? Not if Kurt Eichenwald has anything to say about it. This afternoon, he volunteered this advice for David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and other leaders of the Junior Anti-Gun Brigade: 1. I have advice for @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111 … Read More

Anti-gunners are TRIGGERED by what Dana Loesch had to say about systemic government failures [video]

National Rifle Association Spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss her new ad, “Your time is running out.” During the segment, Loesch brought up a very valid point: the government failed to protect a number of communities … Read More

‘On a ROLL’! Kyle Kashuv just OWNED David Hogg et al. on gun control (and didn’t break a sweat!)

One of the Parkland Gun Control Brigade’s most grating qualities is their self-importance. Which is why it’s so refreshing to see something like this from Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv. In response to the news that Donald Trump’s economic … Read More

Darn Constitution! There’s a pretty MAJOR flaw in comedian Jordan Klepper’s gun control argument

Comedian and “The Opposition” host Jordan Klepper recently sat down with CNN’s Brian Stelter to share his thoughts on the gun control debate. Unfortunately for Klepper, what he demonstrated was profound ignorance when it comes to our Constitution and the … Read More