Lisa Page’s texts with Peter Strzok ‘mean exactly what they say,’ says Rep. John Ratcliffe (video)

Last Friday, the first day former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was testifying in a closed-door hearing, Republicans like Rep. Mark Meadows praised Page, saying she had been cooperative, and as Twitchy reported Monday night, Rep. John Ratcliffe said after a nearly 7-hour session … Read More

‘Disgusting’! Navy SEAL takes Rep. Cohen to the woodshed for wishing he could give Peter Strzok a Purple Heart (Plus: Guess who Cohen’s blaming)

During the House hearing where FBI agent Peter Strzok was being questioned by members of two committees, Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen said something to Strzok that earned him plenty of backlash: ‘Beyond offensive’: House Dem tells Peter Strzok he’d like … Read More