‘Lame’! Instapundit demolishes CNN’s claim of ‘no evidence’ for GOP congressman’s claim about Strzok & Page

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows this week tweeted about newly discovered texts between former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing an anti-Trump “media leak strategy”: So, the new timeline: 4/10/17: Strzok texts Lisa Page wanting to discuss a “media … Read More

‘This is bad. VERY BAD.’ Looks like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page conspired on anti-Trump ‘media leak strategy’

America’s favorite grifting ex-FBI employee Peter Strzok might be in even bigger trouble than we thought: Peter Strzok, Lisa Page conspired to leak anti-Trump stories to mainstream media https://t.co/oxcI5IxBcS — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) September 10, 2018 More from the … Read More

‘WTF?’ Kira Davis has a suggestion for all the suckers throwing their money at Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok’s grift fundraising campaign seems to be going pretty well for him at the moment: Strzok gofundme. pic.twitter.com/XZmXubNS6K — Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) August 14, 2018 Who knew getting fired from the FBI could be so lucrative? pic.twitter.com/BMQRaGmckd — Proud … Read More