FFS! WaPo takes page from Chuck Todd for this POINTLESS ‘analysis’ of Trump’s insults

As Twitchy told you earlier, Chuck Todd breathlessly made the easily disprovable claim that “it’s always with an African-American when [Donald Trump] questions intelligence.” 2/ This statement by @chucktodd below is just so without foundation it’s amazing he can say … Read More

‘NO F*CKING WAY!!!!!’ WaPo drops major BOMBSHELL about mass shooters

Well, here’s a post-Sutherland-Springs-shooting take that’ll make you think: There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men and they use guns https://t.co/lEXlpThKwE — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) November 6, 2017 WaPo’s Philip Bump concludes: Advocates for reducing … Read More