FAIL: Planned Parenthood aims to ‘ruin’ a birthday, stumbles into their own ghoulish trap

Planned Parenthood has made one thing abundantly clear yet again: From yesterday. Further proof that PP doesn’t need our taxpayer dollars. They’re doing just swell with all this angry fundraising. Thanks, handmaids! — Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) June 8, 2018 … Read More

‘BOOM’! Ben Shapiro BUSTS Alyssa Milano after she decries ICE’s ‘inhumane’ policy toward children

Over the weekend, actress and social justice warrior princess Alyssa Milano tweeted her disgust for ICE and their “un-American,” “inhumane” ways. Presumably that was before she found out that all those photos of kids in cages were taken during the … Read More

WHOOPS! Did anti-NRA activists who got Publix to cave on donations stumble into an ‘amazing self-own’?

The “die-in” organized by David Hogg succeeded in getting Publix supermarkets to say they’re ending all politically oriented donations, starting with an NRA-supported candidate: Supermarket chain halts donations to Fla. candidate who is a fierce NRA supporter amid boycott, ‘die-in’ … Read More

Now THAT’S backfire! Alyssa Milano LIES about the NRA and black women, TRIPS over Planned Parenthood

Alyssa. Really? Black and Indigenous women are killed at a much higher rate than other races, many from intimate partner violence.. The @NRA opposes allowing police to take guns from those with domestic violence restraining orders. #StateOfWomen #NoRA — … Read More