Planned Parenthood hijacks the Space Force to slam Mike Pence over this ‘constitutional right’ (and it’s a GALACTIC fail)

President Trump and VP Mike Pence’s announcement for a 6th military service to be known as a Space Force was in the news Thursday: BREAKING: Vice President Pence announces plans for new, separate US Space Force as 6th military service … Read More

FAIL: Planned Parenthood aims to ‘ruin’ a birthday, stumbles into their own ghoulish trap

Planned Parenthood has made one thing abundantly clear yet again: From yesterday. Further proof that PP doesn’t need our taxpayer dollars. They’re doing just swell with all this angry fundraising. Thanks, handmaids! — Kimberly Ross (@SouthernKeeks) June 8, 2018 … Read More

‘Irony overload’! Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards promotes adoption (BUT, there’s a catch)

Outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards won’t be packing up her self-awareness when she moves out of her office, because she doesn’t have any: Planned Parenthood President Promotes Adoption Over Death – For Dogs — (@cnsnews) April 3, … Read More

The ‘SNOWFLAKE DIARIES’ staring Tomi Lahren continues…and it’s HILARIOUS

Last night, social media erupted when student Chloe Knox took to Twitter to explain that she was kept from asking Fox News’ Tomi Lahren about her pro-choice stance at Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit.” Now, even more people are … Read More