‘COMPLICIT’! Who does WaPo think they’re KIDDING with coverage of Gaza ‘demonstrations’?

It’s long past time that the media give up the charade and just straight-up admit to being full of biased hacks. Because they’re not fooling anyone at this point. Take the Washington Post, for example: Gaza latest:37 Palestinians killed by … Read More

‘Absolutely AMAZING’: Why is NYT’s Nick Kristof so ‘INCURIOUS’ about this Palestinian ‘protester’?

Hamas has flat-out admitted to using Palestinians as human shields in order to attack Israel. And yet, the New York Times’ Nick Kristof somehow manages to be amazed by things like this: For those saying that the Palestinians shot in … Read More

CUNY law students explain what protesters meant when they said ‘f**k the law’ at conservative speech

The National Lawyers Guild chapter of CUNY School of Law posted a lengthy statement Monday on a March 29 protest against a speech on “Free Speech on Campus” sponsored by the Federalist Society and featuring law professor Josh Blackman. Students at … Read More

NO WORDS: Women’s March champions ‘most DESPICABLE exploitation’ of kids at anti-gun protest [photos]

We saw some pretty sickening exploitation of kids on #NationalWalkoutDay, but this … this absolutely takes the cake: Students from the @ViscardiCenter participating in Wednesday’s #NationalSchoolWalkout. Thank you for your leadership! #ENOUGH : @ViscardiCenter pic.twitter.com/RKc8MLLZah — Women’s March (@womensmarch) March … Read More

‘How DARE she’! Teacher has apparently stumbled onto the WRONG kind of ‘student-led civic engagement’

What if students didn’t march for gun control on #NationalWalkoutDay? What if they marched for a different cause? Can we get some pro-life walkouts next week? I’m sure school administrators will mark it an excused absence. — David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) … Read More

Jim Treacher reminds #NationalWalkoutDay marchers who they should REALLY be protesting

Students, teachers, and politicians (because of course) are taking to the streets for #NationalWalkoutDay today to honor the Parkland shooting victims push for gun control. But if they were actually interested in holding the guilty parties to account, they’d take … Read More

SICK: On #NationalWalkoutDay, Code Pink spits on graves of Parkland shooting heroes [photo]

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