SAD! Resistance leader Scott Dworkin fact-checked on protests forcing Brett Kavanaugh to cancel meetings

Proud member of The Resistance Scott Dworkin was pretty excited to hear that peaceful protests inside the Capitol building had forced Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to cancel at least two meetings with Republican senators. So far, Kavanaugh has cancelled … Read More

‘Remarkably INSANE’! Joyce Carol Oates’ take on anti-conservative Berkeley protests is just TOO DAMN MUCH

You’ve got to hand it to Joyce Carol Oates. The woman’s managed to make a career for herself despite apparently having no idea what the hell she’s talking about. Check out her take on U.C. Berkeley’s problem with violent protesters … Read More

NON MERCI! French President Macron can take his advice to Benjamin Netanyahu and SHOVE IT

Stand down, Israel! French President Emmanuel Macron says it’s time: BREAKING France’s Macron tells Netanyahu Palestinians have right to protest peacefully — The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) May 15, 2018 From the Jerusalem Post: French President Emmanuel Macron told … Read More

‘COMPLICIT’! Who does WaPo think they’re KIDDING with coverage of Gaza ‘demonstrations’?

It’s long past time that the media give up the charade and just straight-up admit to being full of biased hacks. Because they’re not fooling anyone at this point. Take the Washington Post, for example: Gaza latest:37 Palestinians killed by … Read More

Need more proof that #NationalWalkoutDay is all about Dems? Look no further than this [video]

Students and teachers around the country are participating in #NationalWalkoutDay today to honor the memories of those lost in the Parkland shooting. And, lest you think this is purely political and agenda-driven … wait. That’s exactly what it is: Among … Read More

FATALITY! TNR feminist takes on @redsteeze over Iran and loses — BIG TIME

Listen up, all you right-wingers. New Republic politics and culture writer Sarah Jones needs you to stop talking about Iran: would be great, as usual, if the right-wing stopped talking about Iran — Sarah Jones (@onesarahjones) January 2, 2018 … Read More