FFS! WaPo takes page from Chuck Todd for this POINTLESS ‘analysis’ of Trump’s insults

As Twitchy told you earlier, Chuck Todd breathlessly made the easily disprovable claim that “it’s always with an African-American when [Donald Trump] questions intelligence.” 2/ This statement by @chucktodd below is just so without foundation it’s amazing he can say … Read More

Damn GOOD thread -> Jeryl Bier takes Chuck Todd APART for claiming Trump ONLY questions African-American’s intelligence

Chuck Todd claimed that Trump always seems to question the intelligence of African-Americans. Clearly, Chuck hasn’t been paying attention if he really believes that, and Jeryl Bier’s thread is an exceptional read that takes Chuck’s claim apart piece by piece. … Read More

The Verge disturbed by the lack of “good-faith conversation” about Sarah Jeong’s tweets

The Verge — the site which threw a hissy-fit over that satirical “interview” CRTV did with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because it “blurred the lines” between fake news and satire — is suddenly worried about having “good faith conversations.” The Verge on … Read More