CNN contributor manages to make Peter Alexander’s question for Sarah Sanders EVEN STUPIDER [video]

At today’s White House press briefing, NBC News’ Peter Alexander thought he really had Sarah Sanders between a rock and a hard place with this question: “If the White House supports the [Colorado] baker’s right of free speech, why doesn’t … Read More

MSNBC’s Ari Melber welcomes Al Sharpton (yes, THAT Al Sharpton!) to discuss Roseanne’s racism [video]

Pro tip: When you’re putting together a panel to discuss the “normalizing” of racism and the importance of fighting back against bigotry, leave Al Sharpton out of it. We thought that pretty much went without saying. And yet, MSNBC’s Ari … Read More

BEYOND PARODY! Andrea Mitchell found the ‘PERFECT person’ to weigh in on Roseanne controversy [video]

Boy, Andrea Mitchell sure is shocked by Roseanne’s racist “joke” about Valerie Jarrett. She’s just beside herself, you guys. She needs to talk to someone who understands the gravity of the situation. Naturally, she’s turning to … Joy Reid? .@mitchellreports … Read More