GO FIGURE! AP leaves something ‘MIGHTY important’ out of these tweets about N.M. child abuse bust

Frightening news out of New Mexico today: BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings. — The Associated Press (@AP) August 8, 2018 Holy crap. Omg. https://t.co/Hh9QNMz7C3 — Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) … Read More

‘WE WON’! SPLC pays MASSIVE settlement to Maajid Nawaz after SLIMING him as ‘anti-Muslim extremist’

The Southern Poverty Law Center is full of crap, but they’re rarely held accountable for it. So this is pretty nice to see: BREAKING: @splcenter Admits It Was Wrong, Apologizes to @QuilliamOrg & @MaajidNawaz for its Field Guide to Anti-Muslim … Read More

‘Are you SERIOUS’? New York Times’ attempt to Allahu-Akbar-splain BLOWS UP in their face

How has the phrase “Allahu Akbar” come to have such a negative connotation? Don’t worry … the New York Times is on it: “Allahu akbar” has somehow become inextricably intertwined with terrorism. Its real meaning is far more innocent. https://t.co/HO5PIE3p77 … Read More