BURN! Brit Hume’s BS detector overheats & MELTS all over Rep. Adam Schiff’s collusion ‘unicorn’

The House Intelligence Committee ended its investigation into allegations of Trump/Russia collusion in the 2016 election. The House’s chief Russia collusion alarmist, Rep. Adam Schiff, who’s been lacking only evidence to support his allegations, was of course unhappy with the … Read More

LOL! Rep. Adam Schiff moves goal posts QUICKLY when confronted about ‘collusion’ evidence on ‘The View’ [video]

One of the most vocal Democrats in Congress alleging Trump/Russia election “collusion” has been Rep. Adam Schiff, who was cornered into finally offering the alleged proof he has against Team Trump. Here’s what Schiff said: On the View, @MeghanMcCain asks … Read More

WHAT!? Rep. Adam Schiff out-crazied himself with this doozy about Russia and the 2nd Amendment

Every time you think Dem Rep. Adam Schiff couldn’t possibly get more unhinged, he proves you wrong: Democrat Adam Schiff: Russians Promoted 2nd Amendment So Americans Would ‘Kill Each Other’ pic.twitter.com/WW5P1K70pm — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) February 5, 2018 So what’s … Read More

Rosie O’Donnell & Anne Rice are BIG supporters of Rep. Schiff’s proposal for Trump Secret Service detail

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has apparently put Russia on the back burner at least temporarily and set his sights on another Resistance priority: Preventing Trump-owned properties from being paid a dime by the Secret Service. Rep. Schiff says enough: I’m … Read More