THWAP! Rep. Adam Schiff steps on a rake he dropped in 2016 in rush to slam Trump for declassifying Russia probe docs

Among congressional Democrats, few have been more vocal than Rep. Adam Schiff in sounding the alarm about Russian interference in 2016. Recently President Trump’s announcement to declassify and release documents related to the government’s Russia probe had Schiff’s shorts in … Read More

ZOMG LOL! James Woods’ pic showing the ‘tell’ when Hillary and other Democrats are LYING is brutally PERFECT

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OUCH! Trey Gowdy takes a shot at the reason Trump/Russia collusion evidence hasn’t surfaced (Rep. Adam Schiff hardest hit)

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Come ON! Rep. Adam Schiff lobs least self-aware accusation EVER at GOP over Russia probe

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BURN! Brit Hume’s BS detector overheats & MELTS all over Rep. Adam Schiff’s collusion ‘unicorn’

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LOL! Rep. Adam Schiff moves goal posts QUICKLY when confronted about ‘collusion’ evidence on ‘The View’ [video]

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