Need more proof that #NationalWalkoutDay is all about Dems? Look no further than this [video]

Students and teachers around the country are participating in #NationalWalkoutDay today to honor the memories of those lost in the Parkland shooting. And, lest you think this is purely political and agenda-driven … wait. That’s exactly what it is: Among … Read More

RIP GOP? Actress Holly Marie Combs shares ‘insensitive, out-of-touch and stone-cold tone-deaf’ pic of Paul Ryan

Holly Marie Combs isn’t as busy these days as she used to be. Guess that’s why the “Charmed” and “Pretty Little Liars” actress has time to comb through Paul Ryan’s Twitter feed for incriminating photos like this: Politicians don’t always … Read More

‘FOUL’: Joy Reid indulges panelist pleased that pro-gun conservatives will ‘thankfully die off’ [video]

In case you thought for a second that gun grabbers like Joy Reid are genuinely interested in a dialogue with gun rights advocates, here’s a reality check: Joy Reid says that conservatives who have pro-gun views have “an old kind … Read More

LOL: Dem Rep suggests only truly bipartisan way to ‘fix this mess,’ gets laughed off Twitter stage

Democrat Rep. Brian Schatz has issued this call for bipartisanship: Shocker! Schatz got many cheers from some fellow super-bipartisan lifelong Democrats, but others rolled their eyes hard: But “Armageddon” or something! The post LOL: Dem Rep suggests only truly bipartisan … Read More