‘IT’S HAPPENING’! Will Omarosa’s new claim turn out to be a BOMBSHELL or a DUD?

Last night on “Hardball,” Omarosa Manigault Newman hinted that she’d been interviewed by Robert Mueller’s office: Omarosa was just asked on Hardball if she had anything of interest to Robert Mueller. She answered, “If his office calls again…” — revealing, … Read More

Omarosa tells Chris Matthews she has recordings she’ll share with Robert Mueller, “if his office calls again”

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who resigned from her White House position in December, has a book to sell and she’s not having any trouble getting booked on shows like TODAY, Meet the Press, and Hardball, especially since she teased the notion that she … Read More

Resistance BUZZKILL alert! AP report: Focus of Manafort trial WON’T help Left’s “collusion” narrative

The latest report about the upcoming trial of Paul Manafort might disappoint those hoping to hurry along allegations of Russia collusion: Manafort trial to focus on lavish lifestyle, not collusion.By @ETuckerAP and @ChadSDay.https://t.co/Igcj6z95tt — AP Politics (@AP_Politics) July 29, 2018 … Read More

‘Conspiring to interfere’: DOJ announces 12 indictments related to Mueller probe

The Justice Department today announced that 12 Russian officials have been indicted for hacking Democrat computers and subsequently releasing emails: NEW INDICTMENT-12 Russian GRU officials-Used Bitcoin to pay for servers etc-targeted DCCC, DNC, and HRC-Released emails under the names DCLeaks … Read More

NOT what he said: Ben Shapiro NUKES Bill Mitchell for claiming he called for Trump’s impeachment

Bill Mitchell slammed Ben Shapiro for calling for President Trump’s impeachment. The problem? Ben Shapiro did not call for President Trump’s impeachment. .@benshapiro wants the most successful Conservative President in history impeached over fake #Russiagate? Bye Ben. Your credibility is … Read More