Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Gov. Dan Malloy cite dictionary to prove the NRA are terrorists, fail

Like we said Monday, billboards proclaiming “The NRA is a terrorist organization” aren’t even worth a second look; it’s certainly not a new take from the anti-gun crowd, though it’s become uncomfortable shorthand for some as they try to bully … Read More

So. Much. BOOM! Dana Loesch KARATE CHOPS Rosie O’Donnell for calling the NRA a ‘terrorist organization’

In typical Rosie fashion, the “celebrity” decided to tweet about Dana Loesch. Not so bad, right? Except Rosie had Dana blocked, meaning the NRA spokeswoman didn’t even have the opportunity to defend herself. That is, until one of Dana’s followers … Read More

Rosie O’Donnell coins obscene hashtag for Chuck Grassley for attacking ‘hero’ Christopher Steele

As Twitchy reported, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have released their own memo which calls for a criminal investigation into Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the notorious Trump dossier. They allege that Steele lied to the FBI … Read More