‘PATHETIC HYPOCRITE’! Kirsten Powers DOUBLES DOWN on bullsh*t Samantha Bee spin

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Kirsten Powers engaged in some impressive feats of intellectual acrobatics to downplay the awfulness of Samantha Bee’s remarks about Ivanka Trump. Today, she doubled down: Bee’s show is called “Full Frontal” & she is punching … Read More

It’s a SICKNESS! These tweets from Samantha Bee’s coworkers explain SO MUCH [pics]

Well, this explains a lot. Yesterday, we told you how Samantha Bee’s executive producer Miles Kahn spent the aftermath of Bee calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt” and hinting at incest doing victory laps. Given his track record, it’s pretty … Read More

‘DELETE THIS’: Actor defends Samantha Bee with INCOHERENT rebuttal to ‘dull c*nt’ Sean Davis

Yesterday afternoon, the Federalist’s Sean Davis made an important distinction between what happened to Roseanne and what happened to Samantha Bee: The Roseanne and Samantha Bee scandals aren’t comparable. Roseanne wrote something on Twitter and her show was immediately cancelled. … Read More

‘What a spin move’! Just when you thought the media’s Samantha Bee hot takes couldn’t POSSIBLY get more scorching…

There’s been a whole lot of spin concerning Samantha Bee’s vulgar comment about Ivanka Trump, and the Washington Post served up another: Why the c-word is so taboo, and why some women want to reclaim it https://t.co/Ebcr8YaZSc — Washington Post … Read More