FIFY! Tammy Bruce offers NY Times a MUCH shorter (and more honest) ‘editor’s note’ for Nikki Haley hit piece

As you know, the New York Times’ attempt to blame Nikki Haley for a $50,000 drapery expenditure that was planned during the Obama administration quickly went swirling down the “fake news” toilet. The Times was forced to make changes and … Read More

WHOOPS! Ted Lieu TRIPLES down on NY Times’ now corrected hit on Nikki Haley, groin-punches Obama admin

It’s the NY Times-generated, since discredited Democrat talking point that won’t die! Mostly because Rep. Ted Lieu’s helping keep it on life support. First Lieu used the Times’ now-corrected report to take a swipe at Nikki Haley and call for … Read More

BINGO! Charles Payne explains MSM’s #FakeNews circle of life after BS story about ‘Nikki Haley’s curtains’

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NOT The Onion: Samantha Power’s slam on Trump’s Syria strategy sends heads CRASHING to desks

Samantha Power, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. during the Obama administration, is troubled by President Trump’s approach to foreign policy: Samantha Power “fearful” Trump administration ‘has no strategy besides tweeting and bombing’ — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) April … Read More