SHOTS FIRED: Sarah Sanders lets Omarosa know EXACTLY what she thinks of her

As Twitchy told you earlier this week, Omarosa Manigault-Newman supposedly secretly recorded conversations between her and President Trump before she got the boot last December. And now, she’s teasing those recordings to sell her forthcoming tell-all book, “UNHINGED.” Unsurprisingly, White … Read More

‘This is UNREAL’! WaPo’s Aaron Blake proves Sarah Sanders RIGHT about media with ‘PATHETIC’ fact check

Man. Donald Trump doesn’t really have to say anything to make the media look bad; they’re more than willing to do the heavy lifting themselves. Case in point, the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake, who decided to dismantle Sarah Sanders’ complaints … Read More

DAMN: Sarah Sanders says John Bolton’s CNN appearance pulled so as not to ‘reward bad behavior’

It appears that National Security Adviser John Bolton will not be appearing on Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union” Sunday after all — the White House has decided to “reprioritize” TV appearances. Tapper announced the news Saturday afternoon. Update: @AmbJohnBolton … Read More

For a guy who doesn’t ‘care about f*ckin’ Sarah Sanders,’ John Legend seems to care a LOT about Sarah Sanders [video]

Man. John Legend is getting royally ripped off. Sarah Sanders has been living rent-free in his head for some time now and he doesn’t seem to be interested in putting a stop to it: John Legend: F*** Sarah Huckabee Sanders … Read More

‘F*CK POLITENESS’! John Legend downplays Waters’ violent rhetoric, says Sarah Sanders HAD IT COMING

With Maxine Waters openly advocating violence against members of the Trump administration, Democrats are once again on the fast track to blowing it. S.E. Cupp was one of many to point that out today: Dems have a singularly uncanny ability … Read More