Here’s what happens when a news org tries to correct #FakeNews about NRA but save the gun grabbers’ spin

As Twitchy has told you recently, high ranking government officials speaking at an NRA convention has brought with it another chance for certain media outlets to gin up phony “hypocrisy” stories. ABC New York was among those outlets reporting that … Read More

Puh-LEEZE! Lib media’s going to PITIFUL lengths to manufacture a case for NRA hypocrisy

Vice President Mike Pence will speak at this year’s NRA convention, and some media outlets took the opportunity to try and create a case for hypocrisy that doesn’t in fact exist. Here’s the approach taken: “Wait, wait, wait, wait …” … Read More

Rosie O’Donnell & Anne Rice are BIG supporters of Rep. Schiff’s proposal for Trump Secret Service detail

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has apparently put Russia on the back burner at least temporarily and set his sights on another Resistance priority: Preventing Trump-owned properties from being paid a dime by the Secret Service. Rep. Schiff says enough: I’m … Read More