Headline News anchor tsk-tsks Ben Shapiro for “silly stunt” of offering to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

First, it’s pretty clear that socialist it-girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t be debating Ben Shapiro, not even for $10,000 — as Twitchy reported, she resorted to false claims of sexism and likened the offer to “catcalling,” which she would not acknowledge. No, … Read More

‘HOLY SH*T, GROW A SET’! Actor Jerry O’Connell SERIOUSLY caved to the SJW mob over THIS?

In case you missed it, it’s a dumb time to be alive. Need proof? Here you go: The show has been renamed following complaints the title was sexist and homophobic https://t.co/UiXE8zlaal — New York Post (@nypost) August 8, 2018 So, … Read More

‘Just the DARNDEST thing’! Gina Haspel confirmation EXPOSES media’s GLARING double standards [pics]

Well, it’s official: Gina Haspel has been confirmed as CIA Director. Here’s how the AP covered it: BREAKING: Senate confirms Gina Haspel as 1st female CIA director despite questions about her role in harsh interrogation program. — The Associated Press … Read More

OUCH! James Taranto has some HARSH reminders for Atlantic writer pissed at Michelle Wolf’s critics

Count the Atlantic’s Julia Ioffe among those defending Michelle Wolf’s appalling performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Even many liberal journalists were mortified. But not Ioffe. No, in Ioffe’s mind, there’s really only one explanation for the uproar surrounding … Read More