‘You guys are the WORST’! Vox doing themselves — and SJWs — ZERO favors with this take on Alex Jones [video]

Welp, you knew it was coming. We all knew it was coming: It’s not just Alex Jones: YouTube’s most extreme creators are pushing the platform into a tough debate and censorship and free speech on the internet. pic.twitter.com/ZhG8BRLfOT — Vox … Read More

HOLY SH*T! Saudi Arabia account tweets then deletes what looks like SERIOUS threat to Canada (see tweet)

Nothing to see here folks, just a deleted tweet with a threatening Saudi ‘infographic’ featuring an airliner headed for the Toronto skyline in Canada. Wait, what? FFS wow. Now deleted, here a screenshot of the threatening Saudi “infographic” featuring an … Read More

Damn GOOD thread -> Jeryl Bier takes Chuck Todd APART for claiming Trump ONLY questions African-American’s intelligence

Chuck Todd claimed that Trump always seems to question the intelligence of African-Americans. Clearly, Chuck hasn’t been paying attention if he really believes that, and Jeryl Bier’s thread is an exceptional read that takes Chuck’s claim apart piece by piece. … Read More

HOLY CRAP! Did Twitter and @jack finally do something RIGHT? (Hint: Linda Sarsour will be PISSED)

The Twitter powers that be have been stepping on rakes like nobody’s business lately. Which is why it bears mentioning when they do something that isn’t completely awful: I just noticed @Twitter finally took away @LouisFarrakhan’s blue check mark. pic.twitter.com/IjLdoPHejX … Read More