‘You will PAY’: Man arrested for VIOLENT threats against Steve Scalise & Cathy McMorris Rodgers, reportedly over immigration

Some disturbing political news today: BUFFALO, N.Y. – Authorities have arrested a man for allegedly threatening two U.S. Congressmen over voicemail. Carlos Bayon, 63, was arrested and charged with interstate communication of a threat, according to WKBW. Authorities say, the Louisiana … Read More

‘Don’t tell the liberals’! Steve Scalise takes aim at feckless Obama with DAMNING flashbacks [pic, video]

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise was perhaps overly optimistic in advance of Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. It didn’t turn out to go as well for America as Scalise apparently thought it would. But that doesn’t make Scalise’s … Read More

‘F*CK POLITENESS’! John Legend downplays Waters’ violent rhetoric, says Sarah Sanders HAD IT COMING

With Maxine Waters openly advocating violence against members of the Trump administration, Democrats are once again on the fast track to blowing it. S.E. Cupp was one of many to point that out today: Dems have a singularly uncanny ability … Read More

‘FIFY’: Instapundit amends Jonathan Chait’s mockery of Steve Scalise over Ben Rhodes’ ‘obits’ tweet

As Twitchy told you, Obama flack and perennial dirtbag Ben Rhodes is gleefully anticipating the obituaries of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence. GOP Rep. Steve Scalise — who very nearly did die — took offense to Rhodes’ callousness, … Read More