‘You got me’: The Hill’s tweet about Putin’s gift of a “bugged” soccer ball is prime click-bait

Wow, talk about click-bait. Lots of people who didn’t read the article sure were triggered by this tweet by The Hill Wednesday: Soccer ball Putin gave Trump contains chip that can transmit data to cell phones: report https://t.co/KcobUjqkTa pic.twitter.com/DDCJaIEWTb — … Read More

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen calls for a hearing with the interpreter at the Trump-Putin summit — if she’s alive

As if temperatures weren’t already running hot over President Trump’s public press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday demanded that the U.S. interpreter present at the private meeting between the two be brought before Congress … Read More

David Corn calls for House Intelligence Committee to ‘hold hearings on Trump protecting Putin’

As Twitchy has pointed out, there are plenty of Republicans calling President Trump’s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, quite the dumpster fire — Sen. John McCain called it “one of the most disgraceful performances … Read More