HOLY SH*T! Saudi Arabia account tweets then deletes what looks like SERIOUS threat to Canada (see tweet)

Nothing to see here folks, just a deleted tweet with a threatening Saudi ‘infographic’ featuring an airliner headed for the Toronto skyline in Canada. Wait, what? FFS wow. Now deleted, here a screenshot of the threatening Saudi “infographic” featuring an … Read More

WATCH: Iranians are in the streets chanting ‘Death to Palestine’ — not Israel, not America

Remember back in December when the Iranian people took to the streets chanting things like “Death to Khamenei” and “Down with the dictator”? Those anti-government protests were pretty bold, and several journalists say they’re ramping up again today, with crowds … Read More

Blue check Pakistani writer says Hollywood owes apologies for anti-Muslim ‘propaganda’ in movies like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Munich’

After ABC apologized for the plot in an episode of “Quantico,” Pakistani writer and journalist Fatima Bhutto said Hollywood’s apologies need to go further: Super. We’ll be here waiting for an apology from Homeland, 24, Tyrant, Rambo, Zero Dark Thirty, … Read More