‘SICK DUDE’: Michael Ian Black jumps ALL THE SHARKS with this INSANE rebuttal to Dana Loesch

Good Lord. We suppose this was inevitable, but still. This morning, Dana Loesch pointed out the Left’s warped priorities when it comes to criminals and terrorists: MS-13 are good guys, Hamas did nothing wrong, but law-abiding gun owners are “terrorists.” … Read More

Media outlet ADMITS most ‘peaceful’ Gaza protesters were terrorists — but there’s a PATHETIC catch

It’s genuinely refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet call the “peaceful protesters” in Gaza what they are: terrorists. Too bad they couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it more forcefully than this: Opinion: Most of the people killed in … Read More

OUCH! Gina Haspel drops truth hammer on Dem senator’s CIA/terrorists comparison [video]

This morning, President Trump’s nominee for CIA director faced questions from a Senate committee. Sen. Kamala Harris, always somehow angling for 2020 soundbites, grilled Haspel about morality, self-awareness-be-damned. Also during the hearing, Democrat Sen. Jack Reed took a similar approach, … Read More

The HELL?! ABC’s report about terrorist Sayfullo Saipov contains DISTURBING detail

Well, this is comforting: #KnownWolf ALERT: Feds interviewed suspected NYC truck attacker in 2015 about possible terror ties – ABC News – https://t.co/QKk2RZJJTr — Patrick Poole (@pspoole) November 1, 2017 Included in ABC’s report about Sayfullo Saipov is this little … Read More