‘I am coming with a gun’: Twitter rando threatens to collect ‘bloodstained MAGA hats’ at Trump hotel meet-up

Now that we’ve just reported the attempted stabbing of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s opponent, here’s another threat made against Trump supporters: Police are on scene of a mass shooting threat at a MAGA event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington … Read More

‘BEYOND DISGUSTING’! Why did Twitter refuse to act on this ‘SICK’ tweet about Meghan McCain? [pic]

Twitter is committed to purging its platform of hate speech. Unless you threaten a conservative’s kids. Or any conservative, really. Early this morning, Ben Domenech shared a tweet featuring his wife, Meghan McCain. A tweet that apparently isn’t too offensive … Read More

‘ABOUT TIME!’ Dana Loesch FINALLY gets the Twitter response she’s been waiting for

Earlier, we told you how Twitter gave a pass to a troll who called for Dana Loesch’s children to be murdered: Apparently wishing the murder of a conservative woman’s children doesn’t violate @Jack @twitter @TwitterSupport terms of service. DISGUSTING! https://t.co/wMhunla7vA … Read More

‘You will PAY’: Man arrested for VIOLENT threats against Steve Scalise & Cathy McMorris Rodgers, reportedly over immigration

Some disturbing political news today: BUFFALO, N.Y. – Authorities have arrested a man for allegedly threatening two U.S. Congressmen over voicemail. Carlos Bayon, 63, was arrested and charged with interstate communication of a threat, according to WKBW. Authorities say, the Louisiana … Read More

Twitter suspends clown who said he was going to “greet” conservative high schoolers with baseball bat

Thanks, Twitter, you finally suspended somebody for the right reason! Full disclosure: we’d seen this tweet when it appeared, but when Dana Loesch retweeted it, the guy thanked her for the “signal boost” and really seemed to be getting off … Read More