Soviet Union honeymooner Bernie Sanders bashes ‘idiot president,’ then hosts sham ‘CEOs vs. workers’ town hall

Obviously, it’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders, who took off on a plane to the Soviet Union the day after his wedding to wife Jane, was hypercritical of President Donald Trump’s performance during a joint presser with Vladimir Putin Monday … Read More

Gee, why did Kyle Kashuv get to meet with POTUS and not the students who hung up on him when invited?

As Twitchy reported, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv made a whirlwind tour of Washington, D.C., this week, meeting with Donald and Melania Trump, Ted Cruz, Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Louie Gohmert, and Kellyanne Conway all in the same day. Now, … Read More

Disgraced Parkland school resource officer told fellow officers to stay at least 500 feet away

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office put together its own “fact-check” website for the media and others. Dana Loesch and others had outstanding questions, and we did as well: should school resource officer Scot Peterson, who resigned, … Read More

‘HARD PASS’! Look who’s holding a town hall on income inequality (you CAN’T make this up!)

So, what you YOU doing on March 19? Because this is where all the cool kids are gonna be: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren teaming up for a town hall with Michael Moore. — Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) March 8, … Read More

Bet you’ll NEVER guess which ‘conservative’ is crapping all over Dana Loesch and the NRA

It really is like clockwork: As we saw from NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s appalling performance (she was condescending, dismissive, non-responsive) at the CNN town hall, the NRA is peculiarly disadvantaged in this debate — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) February 22, … Read More