‘I WILL defend my integrity.’ Brett Kavanaugh releases statement on Christine Ford’s allegations and DAMN

The White House released this statement from Brett Kavanaugh about the allegations Christine Ford has brought against him: NEW: Statement from Judge Brett Kavanaugh: pic.twitter.com/lHXrotm1eA — Fin Gomez (@finnygo) September 17, 2018 ‘Because this never happened, I had no idea who was … Read More

WOWZA: Tom Arnold claims Mark Burnett went ‘apesh*t on him’ at Emmys party (Burnett’s wife claims otherwise, posts pic)

As a Twitchy editor, when you’re just waking up and going through your timelines and lists on Twitter and you see Tom Arnold’s name all over the place you just KNOW something has gone down. Whether he’s picked another fight … Read More

‘Belongs in the DBAG Hall of Fame’! Chris Cillizza sinks to NEW LOW with tweet attacking Trump on 9/11

Remember when Chris Cillizza tried to convince us all that reporters aren’t politically biased? pic.twitter.com/P8ObsFmNJH — Gilmore Tuttle (@BulldogsTuttle) September 11, 2018 Good times. Someone really needs to hand this guy a mirror. We get it, he works for CNN which … Read More