‘SICK’! Max Boot stoops to TWISTED low to slam Donald Trump on Iran, Russia [video]

Just in case anyone out there’s been wondering, no, Max Boot’s Trump Derangement Syndrome hasn’t gotten better: “It’s quite a pass we’ve come to when the leadership of a country like Iran seems more stable and rational than the President … Read More

POOR BABY! Cheri Jacobus pays the price for ‘REPUGNANT’ tweet about Michael Caputo’s daughters

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‘Such a FRAUD’! Max Boot’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned into full-blown DEMENTIA

It’s one thing to dislike Trump and to disagree with his policies. But full-on Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a good look on anybody. I join other principled conservatives in rooting for a Democratic takeover of both houses in November. … Read More

SHOCKAH! Ana Navarro trips ALL over herself to shame Trump over immigration, falls RIGHT off the cliff

We were waiting for this: ICE’s largest family detention center, Karnes County Residential Center in Texas, run by contractor GEO Group, has a prison bus just for babies.https://t.co/j282oqp0W8 pic.twitter.com/MYtPAYGNzN — Antonio Arellano (@AntonioArellano) May 27, 2018 America, this cannot be … Read More