SHOCKAH! Ana Navarro trips ALL over herself to shame Trump over immigration, falls RIGHT off the cliff

We were waiting for this: ICE’s largest family detention center, Karnes County Residential Center in Texas, run by contractor GEO Group, has a prison bus just for babies. — Antonio Arellano (@AntonioArellano) May 27, 2018 America, this cannot be … Read More

‘What is WRONG with you?’ ‘Ellen’ producer CRAPS on release of American prisoners from North Korea

It’s one thing to dislike Donald Trump. But if your Trump Derangement Syndrome is so acute that you can’t even acknowledge and celebrate the significance of North Korea releasing three American hostages, you’re officially sick in the head. That’s certainly … Read More

Who saw THIS coming? Ana Navarro ‘disappointed’ there weren’t more Trump jokes at the Oscars

Only a liberal would complain that last night’s Oscars weren’t political enough. Case in point, Ana Navarro: Ana Navarro Hits Oscars for Not Being Political Enough: ‘I Wanted More Trump Jokes’ (VIDEO) — Mediaite (@Mediaite) March 5, 2018 … Read More

‘GET A GRIP’! WaPo opinion piece embodies the WORST of Trump Derangement Syndrome

It’s one thing to dislike Donald Trump. It’s another thing entirely to believe something like this: Perspective: Stop comparing Trump to South American dictators. He’s actually far worse. — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) February 20, 2018 He’s kidding, right? Nooooooope. … Read More