‘HUH?????????’ Police Scotland in SCALDING-HOT water over this tweet about pedophilia

When they’re not cracking down on nebulously defined “hate crimes,” Scotland’s police force is getting international attention for other awful ideas. Like this tweet, for example: Thinking of sexually abusing children like us online?You’re one click away from losing everything. … Read More

Two senators call for formal risk assessment of Trump’s North Korea tweet

We’re still feeling the aftershock of Tuesday’s tweet by President Donald Trump about his nuclear button. CNN’s Brian Stelter called it “madness” and questioned the president’s mental fitness, while Vox founder Erza Klein wondered if “increasing the risk of nuclear … Read More

Apple or banana? We’re STILL very curious about Anderson Cooper’s assistant and that tweet

As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN released a statement Wednesday explaining that geolocation tools confirmed a tweet from @AndersonCooper calling President Trump a “tool” and a “pathetic loser” wasn’t sent from Anderson Cooper’s phone. No, you see, Cooper’s assistant — the only other … Read More