Weird. It looks like @Twitter forgot to invite Kyle Kashuv to its #AskMSDStudents livestream. Why would that be?

Twitter is hosting a livestream with the “student activists” from Stoneman Douglas High School on March 19… Survivors. Students. Activists.@Emma4Change @davidhogg111 @cameron_kasky @al3xw1nd @JaclynCorin @Ryan_Deitsch will start the journey to #MarchForOurLives with a Q&A livestreamed on @Twitter. Monday, March 19th … Read More

Imagine THAT! Guess who was hanging out at Twitter HQ (this explains SO much) [photos]

If Twitter’s interested in proving that they don’t have an overwhelmingly pro-Left bias, this is not the way to do it: Look who Twitter decided to invite to their headquarters — Space Force Lt. Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) March 15, … Read More

‘OUTRAGEOUS’: What France is doing to Marine Le Pen should make Americans thank their lucky stars

National Front leader Marine Le Pen is a pretty awful person. That said, what’s happening to her right now is nothing short of insane: French prosecutors file preliminary charges against far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting images of ISIS … Read More