‘It’s completely unrealistic’: Gabriel Malor weighs in on Kavanaugh accuser’s demand for an FBI investigation

As Twitchy reported, a lawyer for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has announced that she will not be ready for Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, as she’s demanding an FBI investigation of her accusations before she’ll testify, and there’s no way … Read More

‘Hell of a take’! Kirsten Powers’ case against Brett Kavanaugh is some seriously weak sauce

Well, forget it. It turns out Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t need to testify after all. Not when there’s evidence this compelling against Brett Kavanaugh: “Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.” This was the Noel Coward quote on Mark … Read More

‘I do not recall the party’: Witness to alleged Kavanaugh incident sends statement to Judiciary Committee

Speaking to The Washington Post, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleged that Brett Kavanaugh “corralled her into a bedroom” and “groped her over her clothes” — all while a drunken friend watched. That friend, identified as Mark Judge, had his lawyer send … Read More