OUCH! Juanita Broaddrick RAINED on Hillary’s ‘women’s rights’ parade at Georgetown

On Monday Hillary Clinton again put aside any sense of self-awareness to deliver the following address: .@HillaryClinton speak on Women & Human Rights @Georgetown – LIVE at 11am ET on C-SPAN2 https://t.co/42fjwE0DV8 pic.twitter.com/ZGY9wrI3Ms — CSPAN (@cspan) February 5, 2018 With … Read More

WHAT!? Rep. Adam Schiff out-crazied himself with this doozy about Russia and the 2nd Amendment

Every time you think Dem Rep. Adam Schiff couldn’t possibly get more unhinged, he proves you wrong: Democrat Adam Schiff: Russians Promoted 2nd Amendment So Americans Would ‘Kill Each Other’ pic.twitter.com/WW5P1K70pm — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) February 5, 2018 So what’s … Read More