‘Insanely AWFUL’: Cynthia Nixon throws ANOTHER log on her campaign DUMPSTER FIRE

Cynthia Nixon may be slightly more articulate than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but that’s not saying much. Because when it comes to basic economics, she’s just as clueless. Not only is Nixon convinced that “taxing the ultra-rich” will pay for her single-payer … Read More

SHOTS FIRED: Sarah Sanders lets Omarosa know EXACTLY what she thinks of her

As Twitchy told you earlier this week, Omarosa Manigault-Newman supposedly secretly recorded conversations between her and President Trump before she got the boot last December. And now, she’s teasing those recordings to sell her forthcoming tell-all book, “UNHINGED.” Unsurprisingly, White … Read More

SHAMELESS: Philly mayor & sanctuary city superfan gets DRAGGED over ‘stand up for citizens’ tweet in wake of horrible crime (AND he blames ICE)

As we told you earlier this week, there was an awful story that came as a direct result of Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy: ‘You should be charged’! Philly mayor gets HAMMERED by people who remember his ‘sanctuary city happy dance’ … Read More