REALLY? International Olympic Committee wants the U.S. women’s hockey team to ditch the Statue of Liberty for a DUMB reason

The International Olympic Committee wants the United States’ women’s hockey goalies to remove the Statue of Liberty from its masks. The reason? The IOC believes the State of Liberty violates the committee’s policy on political symbols. From USA Today: The IOC … Read More

‘Well, I’M sold’! Rob Porter explains why those domestic abuse allegations are a BIG misunderstanding

Rob Porter was framed, you guys. By glass: NEW details about what Rob Porter told the WH hours after pictures of black-eyed ex-wife surfaced — she bruised her eye while they struggled over Venetian glass. With 2nd wife, he told … Read More

‘Are you REALLY this dumb’? Andrea Mitchell totally BECLOWNS herself over Jeff Sessions

As Twitchy told you, Jeff Sessions called the sheriff’s office “a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.” Which, in the eyes of scholars like Alyssa Milano and Tariq Nasheed, is proof-positive of Sessions’ white supremacist ideology. NBC’s … Read More