‘RECORD levels of BS’! WaPo faceplants trying to cover for Hillary Clinton’s BLATANT sexism

As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN performed some impressive intellectual gymnastics with this spin on Hillary Clinton’s disgusting remarks about Trump voters: Hillary Clinton told a receptive audience in India that while she thought President Donald Trump played to some … Read More

Talk about DEPLORABLE! WATCH: Pissy Hillary Clinton UNLOADS on Trump voters (and it’s BAD)

What a shame Hillary Clinton lost the election. America has really missed out on what she brings to the global stage: Shes a real Ambassador of the USA. https://t.co/muggfsQfvr — ☠Problematic AF™ Redux☠ (@EF517_V3) March 12, 2018 Check this out: … Read More

‘Shut the SH*T up’! Meghan McCain takes heat for daring to speak TRUTH about modern feminism [video]

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Lefty journo cuts and runs after this DISASTROUS hot take on Gary Oldman and Churchill

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