MSNBC analysts, including a former RNC chairman, say Trump’s running ‘concentration camps’ for kids [video]

As we told you earlier, Joe Scarborough doubled down on comparing the Trump administration’s border policies to the Nazis, but Scarborough’s not the only person on MSNBC making that similar allegation: MSNBC analysts claim that the Trump administration is currently … Read More

Ha! Dennis Miller NOT impressed by FBI director’s jaw-dropping statement on OIG report

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s statement about the OIG report was a real jaw-dropper, and among those rolling their eyes hard was Dennis Miller: As I watched FBI Director Chris Wray’s press conference today, I would have thought he was talking … Read More

THUD: Resistance drags Jeff Sessions for bringing Bible quotes into public policy, trips HARD over Obama (AND Lincoln, MLK Jr.)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been criticized, mocked and slammed by Resistance Dems for quoting the Bible in defense of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Here are some examples: Unbelievably the Bible is now being cited to justify this policy … Read More