Ha! Want a ‘painfully accurate’ summary of DNC’s election lawsuit? The Onion NAILS it

The DNC has filed a lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks. What’s that all about? The Onion summed it all up perfectly and hilariously: DNC Files Lawsuit Alleging Nation Should Never, Ever Stop Focusing On 2016 Election https://t.co/sENqgkpZLh … Read More

‘Is this whitesplaining?’ Elizabeth Warren’s message to black voters seems a bit … PROBLEMATIC

As a woman of color, Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren to black voters: “All our fights are interconnected” https://t.co/pR3kGS1izJ pic.twitter.com/HJrYxwugAA — Bloomberg (@business) April 20, 2018 More from Bloomberg: The fiery Massachusetts Democrat, one of five possible Democratic presidential contenders … Read More

‘Do it. I DARE you’! Andrew McCabe’s latest plan absolutely REEKS of desperation

Hey, speaking of garbage lawsuits that are doomed to fail: #BREAKING: McCabe to sue Trump admin for defamation and wrongful termination https://t.co/ImGkjpxu3T pic.twitter.com/gk02flD2Ll — The Hill (@thehill) April 20, 2018 More from The Hill: McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich told reporters … Read More

‘COMPLETE PSYCHO’! Tariq Nasheed’s beef with Tomi Lahren cements status as ‘CRAZIEST person on Twitter’

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‘BAHAHAHAHAHA’! Here’s why DNC’s new lawsuit is an EVEN BIGGER joke than you thought

As Twitchy told you, the DNC is going all-in on stupid with a lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks, alleging that those parties colluded in the mother of all conspiracies to steal the election from Saint Hillary Clinton … Read More