‘HARD PASS’! Elizabeth Warren’s ‘plan to save capitalism’ smells like the HOTTEST of hot garbage

You know, we were just thinking to ourselves that what America needs more of is really God-awful ideas. Right on cue, here comes Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren wants to fundamentally change who big corporations are accountable to https://t.co/07QcFJlB61 — Vox … Read More

‘LMAO you work at CNN!’ This might just be the most SELF-UNAWARE thing Brian Stelter has EVER said

As Twitchy told you, Ari Fleischer called out the media for their flaming double standard with regard to coordinating messages that advance a particular agenda. Brian Stelter was one of several journalists who took umbrage to Fleischer’s rebuke, telling Fleischer … Read More

UH OH! Ari Fleischer’s jab at media coordinating anti-Trump editorials struck a nerve with blue check journos

With the Boston Globe leading the coordination effort, more than 100 newspapers across the country will publish editorials “decrying Trump’s anti-press rhetoric”: Scores of newspapers across America will take part in an editorial-writing initiative in defense of the press https://t.co/vXHrXzvTIG … Read More