Condoms are still in the “family planning” aisle at the drugstore. Experts say that’s a problem.

In mid-June, Jamie Lawson swung by his local Sainsbury’s (a U.K. supermarket franchise) to pick up a few things — eggs, milk, fruit, condoms — and found himself fuming in front of the store’s “family planning” section. Although far from the first time he had seen the label in his life, this particular instance was the last straw.

The “family planning” section in this Brooklyn CVS includes condoms both flavored and not, as well as vibrators and cock rings.Source: Claire Lampen/Mic
Duane Reade separates pregnancy tests from “family planning,” where things like male performance enhancers, sex toys and a plethora of lubes live with condoms of all kinds.Source: Claire Lampen/Mic
Rite Aid keeps “family planning” and “feminine needs” close together but ultimately separate.Source: Claire Lampen/Mic
If this shelf represents where society is, then it seems safe to say that society is feeling deeply conflicted about what sex can and should be.Source: Claire Lampen/Mic

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