Pure TERRORISM: Kaya Jones SLAMS liberal ‘artwork’ as straight PROPAGANDA

While the Internet enjoyed making fun of the Obama’s portraits, singer Kaya Jones took offense to the portraits, but for a reason many might not consider: the propaganda factor.

At what point are we gonna get there’s an explicit choice in sending a message of terrorism & radicalism into this country towards our president and towards Americans.This is nothing to joke about. You don’t know what a line is until you cross it.Anti America you just.Crossed IT! pic.twitter.com/Hduh6km3Y4

— KAYA JONES (@KayaJones) February 13, 2018

Hadn’t even thought of it as propaganda that leads to terrorism until you pointed it out, Kaya. Now that’s all I see.

After Obama’s choice with a radical racist artist to paint him I’m done. I’ve seen enough and heard enough. You will never hear a word from me about the Obamas again. Why? Because they do not exist in my mind and no longer deserve my time or energy.

— KAYA JONES (@KayaJones) February 13, 2018

Can’t blame you there. So many others need to follow suit.

Imagine the uproar if this was painted!! pic.twitter.com/LhPMMXvz6d

— Da Smurfinator (@SepticSmurf) February 13, 2018

Liberals would be SO triggered.

All fun untill we have another terrorist event and more people die . Then reality will kick in. However what about all the poor people that died or are injured or scared for life? . Just plan dumb, you expect more from people of influence and power.

— H Marfell (@hmarfell) February 13, 2018

It’s sad that it takes a national tragedy to bring people together.

And @SecretService @DHSgov
sit on their asses & allow this crap to continue. It is infuriating that not one lunatic has been arrested. Not one. Look at dolt @perlmutations & dumbo @robreiner calling for attack on our President &Americans. Since when does being “celeb” get a pass?

— Pink Star (@Alpha_Lady1) February 13, 2018

They sit on their asses because the people who do this stuff are celebrities. Celebrities claim this is “art” and they’re off the hook. If us normal folk posed with pictures of Trump’s head, we’d be considered batshit crazy.

Double standards, right?

Kaya I’m so sick of those disgusting celebrities how they disrespect the president it is disturbing to me they are so stupid I cannot figure out what this looks like to the rest of the world it’s not a joke 🇺🇸

— California Deplorable Infidel (@infidel031) February 13, 2018

Sadly, you can’t fix stupid.

Much of mainstream America has been sleeping as well as passively swimming in the river of denial. Now we have to face the hard facts that we have slipped into such a dark sewage pit. The road out will require great leadership @realDonaldTrump. Along with #WeThePeople!

— Christopher S. Fife (@ChrisFifeUH) February 13, 2018

The mainstream media thought Hillary had the campaign in the bag. Trump’s election threw everything they knew about politics out the window.

Why don’t theses people move to a different country? Would anyone miss them? Really!

— lance love (@fireinvest9) February 13, 2018

Because they wouldn’t get away with half the crap that they do here.

That pic goes in the restroom at the house. Right?

— Kelly Willis (@Kelly62u) February 13, 2018

HA! Right above the trash can?

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