Remember the teacher who went on an anti-Military rant? He’s in trouble…

On Thursday, the Pico Rivera, California City Council held a meeting to consider firing Gregory Salcido, the teacher who was recorded going on an anti-Military rant.

Mayor Gustavo Camacho called Salcido’s rant “bullying, arrogant and aggressive behavior,” the Associated Press reported.

Salcido defended his comments in front of angry residents.

“My goal as it relates to my students is to get them to do everything to get to college,” Salcido said. “I wanted to challenge them to reach their academic potential.”

The mayor and three council members voted to urge Salcido to resign. Salcido voted against the motion and one abstained from voting.

Here in Pico Rivera where a lot of veterans have turned out, after a council member called military members “lowest of our low.”

— Brittny Mejia (@brittny_mejia) February 14, 2018

Military members put their lives on the line. The last thing they need is someone in a public office degrading them and their service.

Pico Rivera city council set to vote on calling for Councilman Gregory Salcido’s resignation. Salcido is also a teacher – one of his students secretly recorded him disparaging members of the military; the video went viral. @CBSLA

— Tom (T.J.) Wait (@CBSLATom) February 14, 2018

Bye bye, Salcido!

Pico Rivera Councilman Gregory Salcido makes his first public appearance since a secretly recorded video of him went viral making disparaging comments about members of the military @CBSLA council is calling for his resignation

— Tom (T.J.) Wait (@CBSLATom) February 14, 2018

He probably hasn’t made a public appearance because he knows he screwed up.

Salcido chose not to place his hand on his heart for the #PledgeofAllegiance #PicoRivera @NBCLA

— John Cádiz Klemack (@johnNBCLA) February 14, 2018

Talk about ANOTHER slap in the face to our men and women in uniform. DISGUSTING.

Pico Rivera Councilmember Gregory Salcido hears angry words from veterans and residents during a City Council meeting. Officials are demanding his resignation for his anti-military rant. Salcido finally speaks. @ABC7 11pm

— Amy Powell (@abc7amy) February 14, 2018

GOOD. He SHOULD have to listen to them.

I’m listening to Pico Rivera councilman and teacher Gregory Salcido make the most unrepentant speech I’ve ever heard at a meeting where they will vote to ask for his resignation. MM

— Melissa Melendez (@asmMelendez) February 14, 2018

He’s not sorry about what he said. He’s sorry he got caught.

He’s a disgrace, he obviously knows nothing about the Armed Forces of the United States. He needs to resign.

— Timmy C. (@timcaton925) February 14, 2018

Or he’s just an educated person who thinks he knows everything.

So good to see even in Liberal California that Pico Rivera is sticking it to Councilman Salcido for bashing the military. Love this display of unity for our military. God Bless America!

— 14America1776 (@14America1776) February 14, 2018

There are somethings liberals can agree with conservatives on. This is one of those things.

And he didn’t even bother to put his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance.

— Jon M 🇺🇸 (@swatter911) February 14, 2018

Which is another disgrace to this great country.

Quite possibly the most dishonorable and pathetic displays I’ve ever seen. I actually feel bad for this clown’s family and the City of Pico

— Runaway777 (@Runaway77777) February 14, 2018

Makes you wonder what his family thinks about this.


Send him to Afghanistan, have him see first hand what the military is all about. He is Hiding behind the heroes who are protecting our freedom so that he can sit back, complain and insult.

— The Phantom (@arubal2660) February 14, 2018

Give him a rifle and leave him to his own devices. That’ll shut him up REAL quick.

— Cindy Mac (@Stenomama11) February 14, 2018

That’s DEFINITELY an understatement.

When he was my teacher 10 years ago he never said anything bad 😬

— Sisa (@melissa_sisa) February 14, 2018

People change and it’s not always for the better.


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