Uhhh: Sports reporter breaks out of his comfort zone to TRY and explain the ‘8 steps of mass shootings’

Dallas sports reporter Mike Leslie decided to break out of his comfort zone today when he attempted to explain the 8 stages of mass shootings.

Step 1: mass shooting

Step 2: casualties

Step 3: sadness

Step 4: anger

Step 5: both sides make political arguments

Step 6: both sides say other side is “politicizing a tragedy”

Step 7: Nothing ever changes

Step 8: Wait for next mass shooting

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) February 14, 2018


Your deductive reasoning implies 1) politicians are to blame and 2) more govt control is needed. Thanks for sharing.

— Kenny Boren (@kennybor24) February 14, 2018

It’s understandable how you came to that conclusion, Kenny.

No, I’m pretty much just saying that none of us do anything at all to make the situation better. Ever. Time after time after time. We just shrug, move on, and wait for the next one.

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) February 14, 2018

Why don’t you tell us what your solution is then?

Then why post that? You’re just encouraging comments and to fight. Posting solves nothing. Replying back to people solves nothing. You’re right. This just repeats itself. Politicians will never do anything. If there was a solution we would have done it already.

— Fish R. Man (@fishRman77) February 14, 2018

No, he’s saying that you’re LITERALLY doing NOTHING, which is what you’re complaining about.

Ironic, much?

So, you’re saying we should all just shut up about it? Just let it happen?

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) February 14, 2018

A simple tweet like the one you made isn’t going to make a difference. What makes you think that your opinion is any more special than anyone else’s? Is it that blue checkmark next to your name?

Perahps you should research the issue and develop an opinion on potential remedies instead of virtue signaling with your “Steps”. We understand that you’re “woke”. Enlighten us with your solutions.

— JC (@jce091268) February 14, 2018


this is very stupid. one side wants to do nothing. that’s not a “both sides” issue.

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) February 14, 2018

And by that side are you talking about those of us who are pro-gun?

This is a false equivalency. One side is broadly supportive of gun control. The other is not. Failing to make that distinction muddles the problem, which is the Republican Party

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 14, 2018

That was quite the leap there, buddy.

Yeah, don’t “Both Sides” this. Please.
Only ONE side is preventing any action or remedies for this problem.
Only ONE side doesn’t care enough about children dying to do anything.

— Spry Guy (@SpryGuy) February 14, 2018

Except the NRA supported the “Fix NICS” bill which makes the National Instant Background Check System complete. So how is that doing nothing?

There is no “both sides” argument to this debate. One side (Dems) consistently fight for changes to be made following a tragedy, and the other side (GOP) consistently refuse to hear it and accuse Dems of “politicizing” the tragedy. One side is wrong, and it’s not bad to say so

— Will Patton (@patton_will) February 14, 2018

Correction: one side doesn’t even wait for the blood to be cleaned up and the scene to be cleared before advocating for policy changes.

*cough* gun controllers *cough*

To hell with this “both sides” nonsense. The Republicans own this.

— Angry Kitty (@AngryPoofball) February 14, 2018

Now we’re 5 and playing that blame game. REAL mature.

You missed the step where the NRA donates hundreds of millions of dollars to republicans because a cable “news” network convinced millions of stupid people that the black president was coming for their guns.

— OhioUBobcats (@OhioUBobcats) February 14, 2018

There are SO many flaws in this argument.

  1. The NRA donations millions of dollars to candidates across the country. It’s no different than Planned Parenthood donating a bunch of money to candidates who advocate their cause. If you’re going to argue big money needs to get out of politics, don’t cherry pick your organizations.
  2. Pro-gun people were afraid of having their guns taken away because of the policies the last administration implemented. It had nothing to do with Fox. And, hopefully you know this, but not EVERYONE who owns a gun watches cable news.
  3. Obama being black has NOTHING to do with the fear gun owners faced.
  4. Obama WAS coming for our guns. That’s why Shannon Watts and the Brady folks LOVE him and Hillary.

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