“Oh come on’! Hillary Clinton’s election loss spin reaches shameful new low

Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened” blame-a-palooza tour continued on Sunday, where she blamed James Comey for costing her women votes. Clinton also referenced Russian attempts to interfere with this comparison: Clinton: Russian election interference was a “cyber 9/11” https://t.co/eipWLFAVAp pic.twitter.com/ccFE4ex2hO — … Read More

SERIOUSLY!? Check out the latest way Russia might have tried to ‘influence the US election’

Rep. Adam Schiff and many others have from the start claimed that Russia “hacked the election.” Here’s where it currently stands: #BREAKING: Russia used Pokemon Go to interfere in 2016 election: report https://t.co/hYChUaM4v1 pic.twitter.com/MntegrydCG — The Hill (@thehill) October 12, … Read More

‘Peak irony’! If a woman runs for prez in 2020, Hillary *WILL support her (*conditions apply)

In Toronto last night, Hillary Clinton attempted to explain to Canada exactly #WhatHappened: WATCH: Hillary Clinton steps onto the stage in #Toronto to cheers & applause. She’ll offer an inside look at her 2016 Presidential campaign. pic.twitter.com/Ob5T7UYzTf — NEWSTALK1010 (@NEWSTALK1010) … Read More